Laps for Lady Evelyn

2009-06-19 08:00
2009-06-19 14:30

Come and help out with our final fundraising effort of the school year.

March Newsletter

The March newsletter is attached.



 Aunt Evelyn's Night Out has been postponed until Friday, April 17th. See the newsletter for more details and a ticket order form.

 Another term of salad bar has started.

Plans are underway for a 2nd annual Earth Day Spring Thing on the afternoon of Saturday, April 25th.


Lisgar Lectures: No Child Left Thinking: Testing, "Accountability," and the threat to Canadian democracy

2009-03-26 19:30
2009-03-26 21:30

Guest Speaker: Dr. Joel Westheimer

Recent changes in school policies have had dramatic effects on what is and sn't taught in Canadian schools.


In particular, the increasing focus on testing and test preparation has severely constrained many students' opportunities.

Dr. Joel Westheimer is University Research Chair in the Sociology of ducation and Professor of Education at the University of Ottawa.

Lisgar School Council invites you to join us for a unique opportunity to xplore this interesting topic. At the conclusion of his talk, Dr. Westheimer will lead a discussion with the audience. Following that, all present will be invited to the cafeteria to mingle, chat, and enjoy some refreshments.

When: Thursday, March 26, 2009, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Where: Alumni Auditorium, Lisgar Collegiate Institute,29 Lisgar Street

RSVP: Please help us anticipate likely turnout: Email the number of people in your party to secretary @, with “rsvp" as the subject heading. This will help us to manage seating and refreshments.

For more information, please visit

February Newsletter and Salad Bar Order Form

The school council's February newsletter is now available.


Aunt Evelyn's Night Out, an evening of music, drinks and (great) food, with an auction and art show, will be held on March 27th.

French Club registration for this spring has begun.

The school council meeting for February will be on Monday, February 23rd at 7pm.


Also going home with the newsletter this month is the order form for the next term of salad bar. Orders are due this Friday, February 20th. The order form is available on the salad bar page.

November 2008 Meeting

Here are the minutes from the November 2008 council meeting.

January Newsletter and Pizza Order Form

The January newsletter is now available for downloading.

To note...
*Panel discussion on self-directed learning, this Thursday, January 22nd @ 7pm
*coffee orders are due on Friday, January 23rd
*school council meeting next Monday, January 26th

It is also time for the second round of pizza orders! The explanatory letter and form are also available here. Paper copies of the form will also be available in the foyer. Pizza order forms must be returned to the school by Friday, January 30th.

Summit Open House

2009-01-21 18:00
2009-01-21 19:00

Summit will have an open house for grade 6 students and their parents on Wed. January 21, 6 to 7 pm. This is a chance for students and parents to learn about the program and tour the building.

 All are welcome. Refreshments will be available.

What's the Best Way to Support My Child's Education?

January Panel Discussion

Like many parents, you may be wondering about the best way to support your child’s education outside the classroom. You may worry that s/he is not getting enough review or practice at home, or conversely, that s/he is getting too much to work on outside regular school hours. You may worry that homework is causing unrest at home. You may be certain that your child needs downtime after school but still worry how this will affect their future education. Or perhaps you suspect that there’s an alternative way to support your child’s education at home other than review and practice.

December Newsletter: Family Breakfast, Aunt Evelyn's Corner

The December newsletter is now available.


Upcoming Events:

Friday, December 19th: Family Breakfast, 7:30am, followed by Aunt Evelyn's Corner

December Update: Used book sale, coffee orders, etc

Happy December :-)

1) The school council will be having a used book sale this week on Thursday and Friday, December 4th and 5th, to coincide with student-led conferences. Donations of books, DVDs/videos and CDs can be left in the box in the foyer.
Money raised from the used book sale will be donated to Child Haven.

If anyone can help out by overseeing the books for an hour or so Thursday evening (between 4:30 and 6pm), please email . It would be very much appreciated! (And you get to spend an hour or so looking at books!)