City gives conditional support for Outdoor Education Centres

The City has approved a motion to partly fund, with other partners, an analysis of the potential for the
use of our outdoor education centres, MacSkimming and Bill Mason, in a cooperative and cost effective manner in order to reduce the net operating costs of the centres to the school board.

The city will contribute up to $20,000 in matching the contributions of other participants.
F.L.O.E. {Friends of Lasting Outdoor Education represented by Ray Ostiguy} has agreed to contribute $2000, Supervisor Murray has approved $15,000 from the OCDSB budget in support of the project and it is hoped that the various Conservation Authorities will find the remaining $3000 for a total of $40,000.

The motion is here…

That City staff pursue with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, the South Nations Valley Conservation Authority and other interested parties the development of a business plan for the operation of the Outdoor Environmental Centres, conditional on a financial commitment from these partners towards the cost of the development of such a business plan, to be matched by the City of Ottawa, to an upset limit of $20,000 as the City’s optimum contribution, and report back to the Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee if an agreement can be reached.