Ottawa Parent’s Education Network survey

The “Ottawa Parent’s Eduction Network” has sent a questionaire to all candidates. Some responses are available now. While not tied to the Alternative prtogram, the group does ask some relavant questions about parental involvement, accountability and consultation. Two questions that directly concern our community are:

Last year, the Board reviewed its Alternative Schools program and its Secondary Gifted program. Despite strong stakeholder support for these programs, Board staff recommended that they either be closed or eventually phased out. As a trustee, what kind of information would you seek and what would kind of questions would you ask in order to come to a decision when staff recommendations are opposed to the views of the community?

The Alternative Schools program was reviewed this past year and found by the Board to have many benefits for students. As a trustee, would you ensure not this program is continued and is extended to zones where it’s not currently available?

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Community Education Forum

The Glebe is fortunate to have a number of fantastic schools within and just outside of our neighbourhood borders. However, some schools are are experiencing substantial overcrowding while others are operating at less than full capacity. At the same time, the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) has released a strategic visioning document,  21st Century Learner (also see attached Monique Cuillerier’s summary/commentary for ASAC  – May 2010), which suggests a number of ways to restructure our schools. To help explain these issues and find out what community members think of various suggestions and solutions, the GCA Education Committee is hosting a Community Education Forum.…

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Speaker Night: Keys to Strengthening Family Harmony & Co-operation: Effective Communication Tools for Parents

Can you imagine…Ending power struggles with the young people in your family? Shifting from trying to manage children’s behaviour with demands, rewards & consequences to fostering goodwill & willing co-operation? Understanding & addressing the root cause of challenging behaviour? Inspiring open, respectful & productive exchanges? Resolving conflict peacefully & teaching your children to do the same? Supporting teens’ growing need for autonomy, while considering your own needs & values? Strengthening respect, harmony and co-operation within the family?

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